Funko Pop! X-Men - Sentinel with Wolverine 10" Jumbo #1054 - Chase Chance


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Funko Pop! X-Men - Sentinel with Wolverine 10" Jumbo #1054 - Chase Chance


Highly advanced, the mutant-hunting Sentinels are massive robotic entities who will stop at nothing to pursue their genetically-deviant quarry! Capable of flight, these immense constructs have featured prominently throughout the Marvel universe since their introduction in 1965. Testing his mettle against their artificial might, Wolverine stands defiantly with his claws extended despite the difference in stature.

This villainous icon has been given the Jumbo Pop! Vinyl treatment and stands at an impressive 10-inches in height with Wolverine only as tall as its ankle. Hand held forward as it prepares to unleash a blast of energy, the vivid colouration will ensure it takes pride of place among any X-Men collection.
Also available is a the Chase blacklight version that features a unique colour scheme that comes alive under UV light.



Note: Chase Variants are shipped at random. Receiving a Chase with purchase is not guaranteed, nor can it be requested.





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