Funko Pop! Trigun - Gunslingers - Bundle (Set of 3)

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Funko Pop! Trigun - Gunslingers - Bundle (Set of 3)


Trigun is an anime that blends sci-fi and western genres, set on the desert planet Gunsmoke. The story follows Vash the Stampede, a gunslinger with a mysterious past and a pacifist nature. The series explores themes of morality and redemption through a mix of action, humour, and introspection, earning it a dedicated fanbase.

Combine the power of these crazy gunslingers to protect your collection from any evil that lies ahead.  Rem, Legato and Nicholas are vital characters in the serious, and are now set to be vital additions to your shelf.

Bundle Includes:

- Trigun - Legato Bluesummers Pop! Vinyl Figure

-Trigun - Nicholas D. Wolfwood Pop! Vinyl Figure

- Trigun - Rem Saverem Pop! Vinyl Figure




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