Funko Pop! Toy Story - Rex with Controller Deluxe #1091



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Funko Pop! Toy Story - Rex with Controller Deluxe #1091


Remember when you were a little kid, and there was always that level in a video game you just couldn't pass?! Well Rex from Disney's smash hit Toy Story 2 knows how it feels, especially when it comes to defeating the evil Emperor Zurg in the Buzz Lightyear: Attack On Zurg video game.

Funko's adorable new Toy Story Deluxe Pop! Vinyl feature's Rex wearing his "Space Ranger" helmet and attempting to use the controller (despite his tiny little arms), in order to defeat Emperor Zurg and finally complete the game. Thankfully after finding the strategy guide in Al's Toy Barn, he finally succeeds!

This truly is one of the best Disney Funko releases of the year, so ensure you've got a friend in Rex by adding him to your Funko collection today.










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