Funko Pop! The Legend of Korra - Korra in Avatar State #801 - Chase Chance


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Funko Pop! The Legend of Korra - Korra in Avatar State #801 - Chase Chance


First we got the Avatar: The Last Airbender Pop! Vinyl Figures, but now it’s time the sequel, The Legend of Korra, finally got the Funko Pop! treatment.

As with its predecessor, The Legend of Korra is set in a fictional universe in which some people can manipulate, or "bend", the elements of water, earth, fire, or air. Only one person, the "Avatar," can bend all four elements, and is responsible for maintaining balance in the world. The series follows Avatar Korra, the female reincarnation of Aang from the previous series, as she faces political and spiritual unrest in a modernizing world.

Funko’s new wave of The Legend of Korra Pop! Vinyl Figures features four characters from the show; we’ve got the fire bender Mako, the daughter of the wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato, Asami, the leader of the Equalists, Amon, as well as Korra herself, the incarnation of Aang.

Now that's the standard wave, however what we have here is the incredible Korra in Avatar State Pop! Vinyl Figure, which comes with the chance of a Glow in the Dark Chase Variant!

Add the Legend of Korra Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today!



Note: Chase Variants are shipped at random. Receiving a Chase with purchase is not guaranteed, nor can it be requested.








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