Funko Pop! Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) - Chewbacca Life Day Flocked #576


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Funko Pop! Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) - Chewbacca Life Day Flocked #576


A legendary piece of the Star Wars universe, the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special released in 1978 features the original cast as they partake in the Wookie tradition of “Life Day”. Despite its goofy tone, mildly unhinged editing and questionable canonicity in the Star Wars franchise, this Holiday Special remains a cult classic among diehard fans!

Depicting Chewbacca wearing his ceremonial red robe and carrying a mystical orb during the great festival at the Tree of Life, this Pop! Vinyl comes with a flocked coating for an extra touch of realism!

Perfect for fans looking to pay homage to this strange-yet-fascinating addition to the Star Wars universe, it’s sure to make a brilliant talking point among any collection!




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