Funko Pop! Spider-Man - Carla Unger Carnage #564


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Funko Pop! Spider-Man - Carla Unger Carnage #564


Prepare your Funko collection for absolute carnage with the new Carla Unger Pop! Vinyl Figure.

Originally a researcher working for Morse Laboratories, who was investigating a sample of the Carnage symbiote provided to Morse by Spider-Man, Carla Unger was taken over by the Carnage symbiote when a fraction of the sample reacted to her hatred of her husband's phone call and entered her body through her left eye. Nasty!

This Pop! features Carla in her kick-arse Carnage form, complete with base to give the impression she's launching through air as she prepares to annihilate another victim.

Add Carla Unger to your Funko collection today!






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