Funko Pop! Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Jun The Swan #1032


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Funko Pop! Science Ninja Team Gatchaman - Jun The Swan #1032


Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is an anime series thatcenters around five young superhero ninja, employed by Kōzaburō Nambu of the fictitious International Science Organization, to oppose an international terrorist organisation of technologically advanced villains (Galactor). These villains are trying to control Earth's natural resources, such as water, oil, sugar and uranium.

Funko's new range of Gatchaman Pop! Vinyl Figures feature three of our heroes; Ken Washio (aka Ken the Eagle), Joe Asakura (Joe the Condor), as well as the orphan-turned-hero Jun the Swan, all wearing their iconic suits from the series.

Add the Gatchaman Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today!











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