Funko Pop! Rides - Disney - Mickey in the "Mouse" Plane #292


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Funko Pop! Rides - Disney - Mickey in the "Mouse" Plane #292


Did you know that Mickey Mouse was one of the first cartoon characters ever to pilot a plane?

Although he doesn’t often brag about it, Mickey is a tremendous flyer! He’s got the skills, experience, and attitude to have what it takes to be a great pilot. Plus, he hasn’t crashed yet, (that we know of) which helps!

Mickey’s love of flying and expert aviation skills have allowed him to pilot Walt Disney’s “Mouse” plane, as seen in this adorable Funko Pop! Ride. Taking on the model of the silver Boeing 707-320B, which first flew in 1966, is still owned by Walt Disney today.

Get on board! Fly with Mickey in the “Mouse” Plane Pop! Rides Vinyl Figure today and add to your Disney Pop! Collection.




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