Funko Pop! Protector PET .35mm Box 10-Pack


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Funko Pop! Protector PET .35mm Box 10-Pack


As Pop! collectors ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your collection in absolute pristine condition, which can be very difficut at times. Well have no fear because we've found another great (and affordable) solution; Ikon Collectables' new Pop! Protector PET .35mm Box!

The .35mm PET box will provide the perfect protection from dust and light wear, so you can relax knowing you collection is protected.

With ease-of-use in mind when designed, these protectors come with a handy auto lock bottom feature, that will ensure your POP’s sit nice and flat and saves you plenty of time when assembling those thousands of boxes you need to protect your entire collection.

These specially designed pop protectors are a great way to protect your Funko Pop! Vinyl investment, whilst at the same time allowing you to enjoy your collection as you display them proudly to your friends and family.

Comes hangcell packaged as a set of 10 protectors.




Also available is our Premium Pop! Protector that is made from 2mm Acrylic, for those of you who need the extra security of a tough, rigid case.

Please Note: this is a stand alone product that does not include any Pop! Vinyls and unfortunately we can't ship your Pop! Vinyls in a Pop! Protector.






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