Funko Pop! Power Rangers - Megazord 6" Super Sized Black & Gold #497



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Funko Pop! Power Rangers - Megazord 6" Super Sized Black & Gold #497


“Go! Go! Power Rangers!”

Power Rangers fans get excited because we may have just found the most morphin Pop! Vinyl of all… the Limited Edition 6” Black & Gold Megazord Super-Sized Pop! Vinyl Figure!

The detail of this Pop! is incredible as it features all 5 zords (Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Sabre-Toothed Tiger and Tyrannosaurus) combined to make the almighty Megazord! More importantly, it comes in a limited edition beautiful Black & Gold finish!

Anyone who grew up watching the show knows that when the Power Rangers called upon Megazord, it meant it was business time. This Pop! Reflects that and then some. This writer isn’t afraid to admit that the Megazord 6” Super-Sized Pop! Vinyl Figure is one of his favourite Pop! Vinyl figures of all time.

Stock is strictly limited, so order now before you miss out on adding him to your collection.

An absolute MUST for any true Power Rangers fan!






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