Funko Pop! Overwatch 2 - Reaper #902


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Funko Pop! Overwatch 2 - Reaper #902


This foreboding character strikes fear in all who rest their gaze on his faceless mask, perfect for protecting your Overwatch 2 collection! His uniquely grim abilities are sure to keep your enemies at bay. With his Hellfire shotguns, Shadow step, Wraith Form, Death Blossom, and The Reaping abilities, this character is a formidable Damage dealer.

This 10cm tall Pop! rests one hand over the other as he leers ahead. His black cloak covers his head, shoulders, and back. His armour guards his body and his mask covers his face. Fans of Reaper from Overwatch 2 will rest assured knowing their shelf is unlikely to be overthrown with the Reaper on guard.

This Pop! is not to be missed! Order Overwatch 2 - Reaper Pop! Vinyl Figure online today and add to your Overwatch collection!





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