Funko Pop! One Piece - Straw Hat Pirate - Bundle (Set of 5)

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Funko Pop! One Piece - Straw Hat Pirate - Bundle (Set of 5)


One piece begins with the execution of the King of Pirates, Gol. D. Roger. Just before his death, he announces that his treasure will be available to anyone who finds it, beginning the Great Pirate Era. 

Band the Straw Hat Pirate together with each of their unique gifts! Bring the doctor Chopperemon, the chef Sangoro, navigator Onami, sharp-shooter Usohachi, and scholar Orobi onboard for all the essentials!

Complete your collection in one fell swoop with Pop! Vinyl Figure Orobi, Usohachi, Onami, Sangoro, and Chopperemon in their Wano outfits and help the Straw Hat Pirates defeat Kaido!



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