Funko Pop! MTV - Moon Person Rainbow Metallic #18



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Funko Pop! MTV - Moon Person Rainbow Metallic #18


Anyone who grew up watching MTV will not only remember when it used to actually air music videos, but they’ll also have fond memories of the MTV Moon Person who would often appear in bumpers in-between videos. It was due to this that the Moon Person was immortalised into the iconic MTV Video Music Award!

Well now you don’t have to release an incredible music video to take home a VMA, thanks to Funko’s awesome new MTV Moon Person Rainbow Metallic Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Featuring the Moon Person in their infamous rainbow astronaut suit, this Pop! is essentially a mini replica of an actual VMA. An absolute must for any music studio, man cave, or just anyone who grew up during the Golden Age of MTV.

Add the Moon Person to your Funko collection today!









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