Funko Pop! Movie Posters - Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex & Velociraptor #03


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Funko Pop! Movie Posters - Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex & Velociraptor #03


Jurassic Park is one of the most beloved films of all time, wowing audiences as it brought dinosaurs to the big screen in ways like we'd never seen before. Based on the popular Michael Crichton novel, the film sees the eccentric John Hammond hire acclaimed paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, along with mathematician Ian Malcolm to test out his new dinosaur zoo he calls 'Jurassic Park'.

Well now it seems those crazy sons of b*tches at Funko have done it again, this time with the release of their new Jurassic Park Pop! Movie Poster.

This stunning piece features the iconic Jurassic Park poster as a backdrop behind exclusive T-Rex and Velociraptor Pop! Vinyls, which showcase the movie's epic final scene. This all comes packaged in a hard case to ensure the dinosaurs don't get out!

An absolute MUST for any Jurassic Park fan!










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