Funko Pop! Minions Universal Monsters - Creature Mel #968



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Funko Pop! Minions Universal Monsters - Creature Mel #968


We all know those hilarious Minions from the Despicable Me franchise are universally loved by fans around the world, however that’s not taken on a whole new meaning, especially since they’ve turned into the terrifying Universal Monsters!

Not going to lie, these creatures have never looked so adorable, and now you can add these Minion-ised beasts to your collection, courtesy of Funko’s new range of Universal Monster Minions Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Available here are Bride Kevin as the Bride of Frankenstein, Creature Mel as the Creature of the Black Lagoon, Frankenbob as Frankenstein,as well as Mummy Stuart as, yep you guessed it, The Mummy. These really a fun and unique twist on the iconic horror icons that only the Minions can deliver. 

Don’t forget to also look out for Dave paying tribute to Dracula as Dave-acula!

Add the Universal Monster Minions to your Funko collection today.







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