Funko Pop! Infinity Warps - Iron Hammer Glow in the Dark #680



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Funko Pop! Infinity Warps - Iron Hammer Glow in the Dark #680


A spin-off from the epic Infinity Wars event, Infinity Warps is a comic series that sees Gamora get her hands on the Infinity Stones. Driven mad, Gamora is out to remake the universe with the heroes rising up to stop her. In a surprising moment, Gamora literally starts merging these heroes together to craft a new world. This has led to the “Warps” as we see the lives of these heroes and villains growing. It appeared as if this world had a finite life and would be ended when things were set right, however to the joy of us fans, the “Warped” world now exists as its own separate reality in the Marvel multiverse.

Featured in Funko’s new wave of Infinity Warps Pop! Vinyl Figures you’ll find Iron Hammer, a combination of Iron Man and Thor, Arach-Knight, a combination of Spider-Man and Moon Knight, as well as Soldier Supreme, a combination of Doctor Strange and Captain America! Each Infinity Warps hero also comes complete with a Glow in the Dark finish.

Add the new Infinity Warps Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today.







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