Funko Pop! Doctor Who - Tzim Sha #893 (2019 NYCC Exclusive)


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Funko Pop! Doctor Who - Tzim Sha #893 (2019 NYCC Exclusive)


Do you ever look at your Funko collection and feel like it’s missing something, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Like maybe a few extra exclusive figures would help you FALL in love with it all over again? Well have no fear, The Amazing Collectables have come to the rescue with Funko’s new range of 2019 Fall Convention Exclusives!

Anyone who has watched Season 11 of the hit series Doctor Who will know that Tzim-Sha is certainly not someone to be messed with.

Tzim-Sha is a member of a race of alien warriors called the Stenza, and he’s on a mission to Earth to collect a human trophy, but don’t be surprised if he just kills you and takes your teeth. For those in-box collectors you shouldn’t have any issues, however those who prefer to take their Pop! Vinyls out of the box, we can’t guarantee the safety of your teeth, so keep an eye on this guy.




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