Funko Pop! Disney - Plane Crazy Mickey & Minnie Mouse - 2-Pack


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Funko Pop! Disney - Plane Crazy Mickey & Minnie Mouse - 2-Pack


“Got a sweetie… She’s my little Minnie Mouse.”

Minnie makes her first appearance with Mickey in the 1929 film, Plane Crazy. Mickey invites Minnie on his first flight. She accepts, and the pair fly high above the clouds. Although, Minnie doesn’t accept Mickey’s request for a kiss mid-flight. Eventually, Mickey forces Minnie into a kiss, which results in her parachuting out of the plane.

The pair stand in their original illustrated design and even keep to their black and white colours. Mickey brushes up on his aviation knowledge with his open book, ‘How to Fly' before he takes himself and Minnie up to the skies. Minnie waits with anticipation.

Take Mickey and Minnie up to the skies of your shelf and add Plane Crazy Mickey & Minnie Mouse Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack to your Disney collection today!




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