Funko Pop! Deadpool - Squirrelpool 30th Anniversay Jumbo #967


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Funko Pop! Deadpool - Squirrelpool 30th Anniversay Jumbo #967


We all know how cute and adorable squirrels can be, but sexy? Not so much. Well that was until we came across this new Squirrelpool Jumbo Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Squirrelpool was among many who came to the rescue of the Deadpool of Earth-616 and Pandapool. as the new recruits of the Deadpool Corps. Along with the other recruits, he eventually killed off by the members of the Evil Deadpool Corps.

This massive Pop! Vinyl Figure features Squirrelpool with a soft and fuzzy Flocked finish, making hima  must for any true Deadpool fan.

Add Squirrelpool to your Funko collection today!







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