Funko Pop! DC Super Heroes - Gingerbread Wonder Woman #446


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Funko Pop! DC Super Heroes - Gingerbread Wonder Woman #446


Don’t underestimate her sweetness, this Wonder Woman may be in festive spirits, but her crime-fighting abilities could never be sugar-coated. As a mighty warrior Wonder Woman merrily brings justice. With her Amazonian training, you can count on her to save Christmas in the nick of time!

Wonder Woman has landed in gingerbread form. Her hair and costume are frosted with her iconic colours of blue, red, and yellow. Her earrings have transformed into gumdrops and her rope takes on the sweet treat.

Don’t let your Christmas go by without a gingerbread Wonder Woman! Although you can’t eat this, it still wouldn’t be the same without some gingerbread! Secure your Pop! online today.




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