Funko Pop! DC Super Heroes - Gingerbread Aquaman #445



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Funko Pop! DC Super Heroes - Gingerbread Aquaman #445


“No matter how good you are, a coach can always make you better.” 

The DC heroes have accomplished many things over the years, however, I don’t believe that becoming delicious was altogether intentional… Though some would argue they always were... We’re looking at you, Aquaman. 

Funko’s new DC Heroes Pop! Vinyls feature the iconic characters in their gingerbread form. (Sorry, they aren’t actually edible), but just imagine how great they’d look as Christmas decorations for friends and family to enjoy during those festive celebrations! 

Aquaman sports his original brightly coloured costume and frosted trident with a peppermint stick handle. 

Go ahead and secure yourself a merry Christmas! Keep the DC Heroes at your side and lighten up the festive spirit. Order your Funko Pop! Gingerbread Aquaman online today!




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