Funko Pop! Cyberpunk 2077 - Johnny Silverhand Glow in the Dark #592



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Funko Pop! Cyberpunk 2077 - Johnny Silverhand Glow in the Dark #592


Adapted from the Cyberpunk tabletop game franchise and set for release in September 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in dystopian Night City, an open world with six distinct regions. Players assume the role of the customisable mercenary V in a first-person perspective, with skills in hacking and machinery, an arsenal of ranged weapons, and options for melee combat.

Funko’s new wave of Cyberpunk 2077 Pop! Vinyl Figures features a range of characters from the game including Johnny Silverhand, who will be played by Keanue Reeves! This Special Edition Johnny Pop! Glows in the Dark, with his skin turning a bright orange once the lights go out.

Our lives are always that much better for having Keanu in them, so be sure to add this Cyberpunk 2077 Pop! Vinyl Figure to your Funko collection today!






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