Funko Pop! Cuphead - Devil’s Throne Deluxe #898


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Funko Pop! Cuphead - Devil’s Throne Deluxe #898


“Win one more roll, and all the loot in my casino is yours! But if you lose, I’ll have your souls! Deal?”

Never make a deal with the devil. With a grin that stretches from horn to horn, the Devil always has a trick up his sleeve. He sits on his gold, red cushioned throne in Inkwell Hell with a pitchfork tucked in the crook of his arm. His yellow eyes hold a grimace, his body is covered in black fur and his head carries the weight of two horns. Despite all his riches, his greed isn’t enough. He wants more. He wants souls.

Have one hell of a time with this Devil’s Throne Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure. He’s the perfect addition to your Cupped collection. Display him with the others and see what fate befalls them. Recreate a scene or create your own! Pose them together in whichever way for the adventure to unfold.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Fans of Cuphead will love these iconic Pops! Order Cuphead - Devil’s Throne Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure online today and add it to your collection.




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