Funko Pop! Comic Covers - Green Lantern - DCeased Green Lantern #06



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Funko Pop! Comic Covers - Green Lantern - DCeased Green Lantern #06


Released in 2020, DCeased: Dead Planet #4 sees the Earth of DCeased changed forever when a corrupted version of the Anti-Life equation infects billions, turning both citizens and superheroes into disfigured, violent versions of themselves. One of the earliest victims was Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who attacked his friends and teammates Green Arrow and Black Canary, forcing the latter to kill him with her Canary Cry. Upon his death, Canary is chosen to become Green Lantern, and eventually reunites with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps as they arrive to battle an infected Superman.

Each Pop! Comic Covers figure comes packaged in an exclusive oversized protector case and features a comic cover as the backdrop. 

This amazing piece features Canary as Green Lantern, complete with sword as she appears on the cover of DCeased: Dead Planet #4.

A really unique piece of Green Lantern memorabilia and an absolute must for any true fan!








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