Funko Pop! Cinderella - Cinderella in Pink Dress #738


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Funko Pop! Cinderella - Cinderella in Pink Dress #738


Released in 1950, Cinderella is the film that essentially saved Walt Disney Studios from bankruptcy. It follows the story of, you guessed it, Cinderella, who is living a less-than-perfect life after losing her parents at a young age and is now mistreated by her step mother and step sisters. In true Disney fashion, she is “rescued” from this life by Prince Charming.

However before Prince Charming fell for Cinderella, she was visited by the magical Fairy Godmother, serving as a beacon of hope after her evil step sisters ruin her pink dress, the Fairy Godmother transforms the tatters that remain into a stunning blue dress for the ball. 

Here we have Cinderella wearing the pink dress before the step sisters get to her, which to be honest, is one of the cruelest scenes in all of Disney. Thankfully you can show your support for Cinderella by adding her to your Funko collection today!

Also available are the Fairy Godmother and the Pumpkin Carriage. Collect them all!





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