Funko Pop! Casper The Friendly Ghost - Casper #850


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Funko Pop! Casper The Friendly Ghost - Casper #850


Ghosts are normally depicted as terrifying ghouls from beyond the grave, who spend their hours haunting the living. However not all ghosts are out to make our lives a living hell, no some are just plain friendly, well one of them is at least. That’s right, Casper!

Debuting in 1945, Casper is a cute ghost-child with a New York accent who inhabits a haunted house along with his three uncles, The Ghostly Trio, who unlike Casper, enjoy spooking people.

Featuring Casper with his trademark friendly smile, this adorable Pop! is an absolute must, as it comes with a base that gives the impression Casper is floating through the air.

Add Casper to your Funko collection today!








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