Funko Pop! Black Clover - Noelle in Valkyrie Armour #1420


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Funko Pop! Black Clover - Noelle in Valkyrie Armour #1420


Follow the young orphan Asta as he journeys through a world filled with magic and mayhem. Born without any magical abilities, unlike everyone around, he develops other means of strength and power and joins the Black Bulls. Meet Yuno, Yami, Noelle, and Mars as you unravel the magic system.

Here we have Asta in his Black Asta form as a Pop! Vinyl Figure. After the Witch Queen removes the limits on Asta's Anti-Magic, he learns to channel his power and gains the Black Asta form. Save your magic and jump on the Black Clover collection bandwagon!

What are you waiting for? Add Black Asta as a Pop! Vinyl Figure from Black Clover to your shelf by ordering online today, and adding it to your collection.




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