Funko Pop! Batman - The Drowned #424


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Funko Pop! Batman - The Drowned #424


"My amnesty begins here. I light my signal. My light... to show this world my intent... I'm going to drown it all. This whole world. Trust me on that."

The Drowned, aka Bryce Wayne was born on Earth-11 to Martin Wayne, who like the fathers of the various Batmans from other universes, was shot dead in an alley. She later would become a crime fighter with her boyfriend Sylvester Jyle, before he was killed by rogue metahumans. In retaliation for the death of her lover, she went about systematically killing every metahuman to avenge him. This was the beginning of the dark path that would lead to her becoming The Drowned.

This Pop! features The Drowned with her iconic suit from the comics, including her green hair and red eyepatch.

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