Funko Pop! Artemis Fowl - Holly Short Metallic #572


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Funko Pop! Artemis Fowl - Holly Short Metallic #572


Disney's highly-anticipated upcoming film Artemis Fowl is set to his Disney+ in June, so to celebrate, Funko have released an exciting wave of Artemis Fowl Pop! Vinyl Figures to help tide you over.

The film follows the story of, you guessed it, Artemis Fowl II, a 12-year-old genius and a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds. He searches for his father, who has mysteriously disappeared, and comes into conflict with the hidden world of the fairies.

This Exclusive Pop! Vinyl features Holly Short, an 80-year old elven reconnaissance officer of the Lower Elements Police (LEPrecon). She comes complete with as stunning Metallic finish.

Add the new Artemis Fowl Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today!





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