Funko Pop! Albums - Ghost - If You Have Ghost #62


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Funko Pop! Albums - Ghost - If You Have Ghost #62


If You Have Ghost… you have everything!

Starting with a dream-haunting riff, a love of horror films and Scandinavian metal traditions, Ghost were quickly signed to a record label following their debut in 2006 and skyrocketed in popularity, now conducting their musical rituals in venues around the world. Renowned for their unique on-stage presence, Ghost's members are known as Nameless Ghouls while the frontman, Tobias Forge, performs as various incarnations of Papa Emeritus and as Cardinal Copia.

The If You Have Ghost EP was released on November 20th, 2013, and has now been immortalized by Funko as a unique memorabilia piece. The album’s haunting cover is featured as a backdrop inside a transparent acrylic protector, where a matching Pop! Papa Emeritus II is eerily displayed. To ensure an eternity of display integrity, Papa is adhered to the base and backdrop.



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