Welcome to the thrilling world of hunting for rare Funko Pops! In this guide, we'll unveil the top 10 most coveted Funko Pops that collectors are eager to add to their collections. We'll also share insider tips on how to track down these rare gems. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, this journey into the realm of rare Funko Pops promises excitement and discovery.

Section 1: The Allure of Rare Funko Pops

Collecting rare items, especially Funko Pops, is more than a hobby; it's a passion. These elusive figures aren't just toys; they're treasures that encapsulate moments of pop culture history. From limited editions to exclusive releases, each rare Funko Pop holds a unique story and significance.


Section 2: Top 10 Rare Funko Pops

  1. Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark Chase) - This glowing masterpiece, a tribute to the iconic film, is the crown jewel of Funko collections. With only 12 pieces crafted, each featuring the autograph of Funko CEO Brian Marotti, it's a dazzling find valued at a staggering $13,400.

  2. Game of Thrones - Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister (Bloody) - A treasure from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, this limited edition Funko embodies the spirit of Westeros. With only 24 pieces in existence, split between ordinary and glow-in-the-dark variants, it's a collector's dream at $9,980.

  3. Freddy Funko as Count Chocula (Glow in the Dark) - A nocturnal delight, this glowing Count Chocula variant, limited to 12 pieces, captures the essence of the beloved cereal mascot. Valued at $10,000, it's a sweet addition to any high-value collection.

  4. Stan Lee (Superhero) (Red Metallic) - Celebrating the legendary Stan Lee, this red metallic superhero version is a tribute to the comic book genius. Exclusive to the LA Comicbook Convention in 2017, and with only 12 pieces made, it stands proudly at $7,570.

  5. Star Wars - Darth Maul (Holographic) - A spectral marvel from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, this holographic Darth Maul is the envy of Star Wars enthusiasts. Its value, now at $6,660, reflects its rarity and the enduring love for the franchise.

  6. Dumbo (Clown Paint) - From the heart of Disney's magic, this clown-painted Dumbo, released in 2013 at the San Diego Comic-Con, is a whimsical yet rare piece. Its $6,160 value is a testament to Disney's timeless charm.

  7. Boo Berry (Glow in the Dark Chase) - Hauntingly beautiful, this glowing Boo Berry from the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con adds a spectral touch to any collection. With only 24 pieces available, it's valued at $5,570.

  8. Freddy Funko as Chocula (Metallic) - This 2011 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive features the vampiric charm of Count Chocula in a shimmering metallic finish. Limited to 480 pieces, it's a royal addition at $3,780.

  9. Stranger Things - Hopper (Gold) - A golden rarity from the Stranger Things series, this 2018 limited edition of Chief Hopper shines with only 40 pieces available. Its $3,120 value makes it a sought-after item for series fans.

  10. Superman (Metallic Chase) - A superheroic spectacle, this metallic blue Superman, an exclusive 2010 Target release, is as rare as it is iconic. Valued at $3,650, it's a symbol of timeless heroism in the Funko world.


Section 3: How to Find Rare Funko Pops

Funko Pop hunting is an art and a science. Here are some effective strategies:

  • Online Marketplaces: Explore reputable online stores and auction sites.
  • Collector Forums and Social Media: Engage with the Funko Pop community.
  • Conventions and Meetups: Attend events where rare items often surface.


Section 4: Verifying Authenticity

The thrill of finding a rare Funko Pop can be dampened by the risk of counterfeits. It's crucial to verify the authenticity of your finds. Look for official branding, check the quality of the packaging, and if in doubt, consult with experienced collectors.



Collecting rare Funko Pops is a journey filled with excitement and challenges. Each rare Pop you find adds not just value but a story to your collection. Remember, the hunt is as enjoyable as the discovery, so happy Funko Pop hunting!