Pokemon - Poké Ball Die-Cast Prop Replica



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Pokemon - Poké Ball Die-Cast Prop Replica


Gotta catch em all!

Become the world’s greatest Pokemon master with this officially licensed Poké Ball Die-Cast Prop Replica by The Wand Company.

This premium quality, highly accurate Poké Ball replica has been made with an engineered metal shell and finished with a beautiful deeply coloured surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. Equipped with proximity-sensing technology, the Poké Ball’s button glows when it senses motion, and pressing the button changes the light colour or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence.

This authentically crafted replica also comes in a lift-to-display illuminated presentation case, which is authenticated by a uniquely-numbered hologram, and has a polished stainless steel ring so that you can display your Poké Ball however you want. Enjoy multi-coloured lights glowing under the Poké Ball when you open the case, and control them by touching the case’s metal plaque.

You can’t catch em all without the Poké Ball Die-Cast Prop Replica in your collection.









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