Funko Pop! Venom - Titanized Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 6)

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Funko Pop! Venom - Titanized Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 6)


Well Avengers: Endgame may have been the conclusion to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however your favourite Marvel heroes and villains are still alive and well in the Funko Universe, albeit not in their usual form. That’s right, a whole new wave of characters have been given the Venomized treatment!

This wave features Daredevil, Rocket Raccoon, Storm, X-23, Groot and the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, all in an awesome and unique Venomized design as seen in the comics.


- Venomized Thanos Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Venomized Groot Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Venomized Storm Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Venomized X-23 Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Venomized Rocket Raccoon Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Venomized Daredevil Pop! Vinyl Figure

These truly are some of the coolest Marvel Funko releases in recent times and are an essential addition to any collection boasting the previous “Venomized” releases. A must for any true Marvel fan!






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