Funko Pop! The Waterboy - Bobby Boucher in Football Uniform #873



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Funko Pop! The Waterboy - Bobby Boucher in Football Uniform #873


If you ever find yourself a player for the South Central Louisiana Mud Dogs, one thing’s for certain, you’ll never go thirsty. Ever since 1998 they’ve had the best water boy in the business, Bobby Boucher Jr., and now he plans to bring his passion for H20 to your Funko collection!

The Waterboy stars Adam Sandler as a socially inept, stuttering 31-year-old water boy who after getting fired, joins a rival team and is quickly discovered to be a talented linebacker. It’s the highest-grossing sports comedy in history!

Here we have Bobby Boucher Jr. with his Mud Dogs uniform, ready to show no mercy as he opens up a can of whoop ass, just like Captain Insano!

So go on, add Bobby Boucher to your Funko collection today, you know YOU CAN DO IT!




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