Funko Pop! The Lord Of The Rings - Witch King on Fellbeast #63



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Funko Pop! The Lord Of The Rings - Witch King on Fellbeast #63


Even more of your favourite Hobbits and Wizards from the Lord of the Rings series are making the journey from Middle Earth and are ready to join your Funko Pop! Vinyl collection!

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, adapted from J R.R. Tolkien’s novels, are some of the most critically acclaimed and successful films in Hollywood history, winning a total of 17 out of the 30 Academy Awards they were nominated for.

This Pop! Rides features the Witch King of Angmar, who was the leader of the Nazgûl or Ringwraiths, and Sauron's second-in-command during the Second and Third Ages. He comes complete with his Fellbeast, gigantic, flying wyvern-like creature which he rode during the War of the Ring in Middle-earth.

No Lord of the Rings collection is complete without this!




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