Funko Pop! Spider-Man - Spider-Hulk 6” Super Sized #374

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Funko Pop! Spider-Man - Spider-Hulk 6” Super Sized #374


Marvel fans get excited because Funko have finally released the incredible new Spider-Hulk 6” Super Sized Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, had taken a trip to Connecticut for an assignment given to him by the Daily Bugle. While there, he was zapped with bio-electric energy from the Hulk. The blast made him feel woozy for a couple days, until he finally got angry and turned into the Spider Hulk. In this form, Spider Hulk has all the abilities that the Hulk has: super strength, durability, able to leap long distances, and even gains the Hulk's diminutive intelligence and vocabulary.

This EXCLUSIVE Pop! features Spider-Hulk, complete with his torn suit.

Stock is strictly limited, so order now to avoid disappointment!



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