Funko Pop! Spider-Man: Far From Home - J. Jonah Jameson #621



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Funko Pop! Spider-Man: Far From Home - J. Jonah Jameson #621


The Endgame is over and the world has been changed forever. In the blockbuster movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker tries to leave all the super heroics behind as he embarks on a journey around Europe with his friends, but before long new threats arise and Peter must once again rise up as Spider-Man to protect the ones he loves.

J. Jonah Jameson is back to be a thorn in Spider-Man’s side, stopping at nothing to expose the webslinger for the troublesome vigilante he believes him to be.

This Pop! features J. Jonah Jameson with his Daily Bugle microphone as he gets set to dish the dirt on Spider-Man live on-air.

Uncover the truth with the J. Jonah Jameson Pop! Vinyl Figure in your Funko collection.




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