Funko Pop! Harry Potter - You Gotta See The Baby! - Vinyl Bundle (Set of 6)


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Funko Pop! Harry Potter - You Gotta See The Baby! - Vinyl Bundle (Set of 6)


The Magical World of Witchcraft & Wizardy is ever expanding with all new mystical creatures and potions, and now your Harry Potter collection is set to expand, courtesy of Funko’s incredible new wave of Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl Figures!

This may be our favourite Harry Potter wave to date, which includes a range of favourites such as Harry Potter with his always-handy Invisibility Cloak (we promise he won’t disappear from your collection), Hermione Granger with her feather, as well as poor Ron, who has unfortunately caught the wrong end of the slug spell.  

Also joining them is Neville Longbottom with The Monster Book of Monsters, and speaking of monsters, it’s Malfoy with his Spider! Rounding out the wave is arguably one of the most adorable Harry Potter releases EVER, it’s Dumbledore holding Baby Harry.


- Harry Potter with Invisibility Cloak Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Hermione Granger with Feather Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Ron Weasley with Slugs Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Dumbledore holding Baby Harry Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Neville Longbottom with Monster Book Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Malfoy with Spider Pop! Vinyl Figure

Also don't forget to check out the 10" Dumbledore and 10" Voldermort, as well as the Exclusive Harry Potter with two wands!

An absolute must for any true Harry Potter fan, add them to your Funko collection today!



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