Funko Pop! Friends - Smelly Pops, What Are They Feeding You - Bundle (Set of 7)

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Funko Pop! Friends - Smelly Pops, What Are They Feeding You - Bundle (Set of 7)


Could we BE anymore excited for Funko's new wave of Friends Pop! Vinyl Figures?

Friends is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, smashing ratings records and skyrocketing its cast in hollywood superstardom. 

This new wave features the cast in some of their most hilarious outfits from the show including Ross as "Spud-nik", Chandler in his pink bunny costume that Monica bought for him, Phoebe in her outfit from the "Smelly Cat" music video,  Joey in his "intimidating" cowboy suit, Monica in her Catwoman costume and Rachel wearing her pink bridesmaid dress from Barry and Mindy's wedding. Oh and to top things off, we finally get Gunther, who comes with the chance of a Chase Variant!


- Ross Geller as Spud-Nik Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Phoebe Buffay in Music Video Outfit Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Chandler Bing as Bunny Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Monica Geller as Catwoman Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Joey Tribbiani as Cowboy Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Rachel Green in Pink Dress Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Gunther Pop! Vinyl Figure

So go ahead and the new Friends Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today. Remember, they'll be there for you, if you're there for them too.



Chase Variant Alert! This item has a Chase Piece Variant randomly inserted in cases. The Amazing Collectables may send you this Chase Piece, however, it is not guaranteed, nor can it be requested, it is totally random as items are picked in our warehouse for orders. Please note, should you be lucky enough to receive a Chase Piece. Good luck!








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