Funko Pop! Critical Role - Trinket with Armor #611



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Funko Pop! Critical Role - Trinket with Armor #611


Launched in 2015, Critical Role is a critically-acclaimed web series in which a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons, as viewers watch along with their campaigns. Calling themselves "Vox Machina", this legendary band of adventurers based in Tal'Dorei, between 810 and 812 PD, are renowned adventurers on their continent.

Funko's new wave features so many members of the team including Keyleth, Pike Trickfoot, Grog Strongjaw, Scanlan Shorthalt, Percival de Rolo, Trinket Armoured, Vax'ilda and Vex'ahlia.

However who we have here is the Exclusive Trinket, a bear and animal companion to Vex'ahlia. As a ranger companion, he is controlled by his ranger, Laura Bailey, with assistance and communication from the Dungeon MasterMatthew Mercer.

Add the new Vox Machina Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today!









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