Funko Pop! Birds of Prey (2020)- Harley Quinn Broken Hearted #310



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Funko Pop! Birds of Prey (2020)- Harley Quinn Broken Hearted #310


It’s been three years since DC fans were (blessed?) with Suicide Squad, so now it’s time for that film’s breakout star to get her own story in the form of Birds of Prey!

Since the events of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn has left the Joker (it’s ok, it wasn’t the good one). When Roman Sionis, a narcissistic crime lord known as Black Mask, places a hit on a young girl named Cassandra Cain, Gotham City turns upside down looking for her. Harley joins forces with Black Canary, Helena Bertinelli, and Renee Montoya to protect the girl and to take Sionis down.

Here we have Harley Quinn looking pretty broken hearted, with her mascara running and holding a tub of ice cream. She comes with her little pooch who seems to be munching down on a delicious foot. Yikes!

Don’t forget to also check out the full range of Birds of Prey Pop! Vinyl Figures!

So go ahead puddin’, make Harley’s day by adding the Birds of Prey Pop! Vinyl Figures to your Funko collection today!







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