Funko Pop! Billy Madison - Billy Madison in Bath Deluxe #894



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Funko Pop! Billy Madison - Billy Madison in Bath Deluxe #894


"Stop looking at me swannnnn!” - Billy Madison

If you’re a fan of snack packs and lighting bags of dog poop on the doorsteps of elderly folk, then there’s a good chance you’re gonna love Funko’s new Billy Madison Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Released in 1995, Billy Madison follows the story of a 27 year-old man child who returns to school in order to prove to his father that he is capable of taking over the family business. It skyrocketed Adam Sandler’s career as a lead actor and has since gathered a cult-like status amongst fans.

This Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure features Billy Madison taking a bath, where he has the infamous debate about which is better; shampoo or conditioner? Oh and that damn swan is still looking at him!

So go on, prove “that you’re not a fool” by adding the Billy Madison Pop! Vinyl Figures to your collection today!




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