Funko Pop! Batman - Red Son 80th Anniversary #312



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Funko Pop! Batman - Red Son 80th Anniversary #312


Now Batman fans we have truly one of the more unique additions to Funko’s Batman 80th Anniversary series, it’s Red Son Batman! 

Featured in the hit 2003 comic series Superman: Red Son, this version of the Caped Crusader is a far cry from the one we’ve come to know from Gotham. Here he’s the son of a pair of dissidents who saw his parents get gunned down by Stalin's police force, and vowed revenge against Pyotr Roslov, the captain of the police. Twenty years later, Batman became the most wanted man in the Soviet Union, a constant thorn in the side of Russian authorities who managed to personally execute a number of acts of terror against Superman's regime, skillfully evading capture from Roslov's police force each time. 

This Pop! features Batman as he appears in the Superman: Red Son comics, complete with his Russian style batsuit.

Another perfect addition to Funko’s Batman 80th Anniversary series, add Red Son Batman to your collection today!









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