Funko Pop! Barbie - Holiday Barbie 1988 Glitter #08



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Funko Pop! Barbie - Holiday Barbie 1988 Glitter #08


"I’m a Funko girl, in the Funko world! Life in plastic, it’s Funktastic!”

Launched in 1959, Barbie is one of the most iconic towlines of all time, selling over a billion units worldwide. She’s a fashion icon, famous for her pink outfits and blonde hair, all on showcase in Funko’s new Barbie Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Here we have Barbie looking to bring you a very Merry Christmas with the Holiday Barbie, first released in 1988, who even comes with a sparkling glitter dress!

Add some fashion to your Funko collection with the Barbie Pop! Vinyl Figures today!








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