Funko Pop! Venom - Venom with Wings #749 - Chase Chance



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Funko Pop! Venom - Venom with Wings #749 - Chase Chance


As if the Venom symbiote wasn't already terrifying enough, but Venom with wings? Yeah, no thanks.

Funko's new Venom Pop! Vinyl Figure features Eddie Brock showing off his symbiote's new ability to grow giant, dragon-like wings. In all honesty, it's pretty damn awesome.

However not only does it look great, it also comes with the chance of a Glow in the Dark Chase Variant!

Add Winged Venom to your Funko collection today.



Chase Variant Alert! This item has a Chase Piece Variant randomly inserted in cases. The Amazing Collectables may send you this Chase Piece, however, it is not guaranteed, nor can it be requested, it is totally random as items are picked in our warehouse for orders. Please note, should you be lucky enough to receive a Chase Piece. Good luck!








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