Funko Pop! Venom - Fantastic 4 Venomized Exclusive Collector Box



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 Funko Pop! Venom - Fantastic 4 Venomized Exclusive Collector Box

It’s time to see your favourite Marvel heroes and villains like never before, with Funko’s newest addition to their popular “Venomized” series. Each figure takes your favourite characters and gives them a unique venom twist, making them a must for all Marvel collectors.

This epic new Venom Collector Box features a range of exclusive goodies that showcase members of the Fantastic 4 in their terrifying "Venomized" form.

Each Collector Box comes with the chance of securing either a Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, The Thing or The Human Torch Venomized Pop! Vinyl Figure, all of which also come with the chance of a Chase Variant! Mr. Fantastic & The Thing have Metallic Chase Variants, Invisble Girl's is Translucent and The Human Torch's is a Glow in the Dark.

On top of the Pop! Vinyls, you'll also have the chance to secure either a Dr. Doom, Galactus or Silver Surfer Pop! Keychain, all of which also come with a Chase Variant.

If that's not enough, there's also the chance to land one of three enamel pins including Galactus, Dr. Doom or Silver Surfer which all come with, you guessed it, a Chase Variant.

Oh and Funko have gone and thrown in a Fantastic 4 logo decal for good measure!


- 1 x Venomized Fantastic 4 Pop! Vinyl Figure (chance of Chase Variant)
- 1 x Venomized Pocket Pop! Vinyl Keychain (chance of Chase Variant)
- 1 x Venomized Enamel Pin (chance of Chase Variant)
- 1 x Fantastic Four Logo Decal

A truly fantastic array of exclusive collectables that no Marvel fan can do without! 




Chase Variant Alert! This item has a Chase Piece Variant randomly inserted in cases. The Amazing Collectables may send you this Chase Piece, however, it is not guaranteed, nor can it be requested, it is totally random as items are picked in our warehouse for orders. Please note, should you be lucky enough to receive a Chase Piece. Good luck!











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