Funko Pop! Transformers (1984) - Starscream #27



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Funko Pop! Transformers (1984) - Starscream #27


Launched in the 80s, Hasbro’s iconic Transformers line of action figures were something no child could do without. Well, this child anyway.

Transformers follows the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, as they battled for intergalactic robotic supremacy. The beauty of the them figures, they actually transformed! Now we can all relive these incredible figures with Funko’s new range of Transformers Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Here we have Megatron's right-hand man, Starscream, who dreams to one be the leader of the Decepticons.

He's cunning, cruel and ruthless, so ensure you remain on his good side by adding Starscream to your Funko collection today!












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